: Vicarious Adrenaline

This ongoing project at Media Lab Europe aims to investigate the transference of real adrenaline-based experiences to an observer through a complex inter-modal interface.

The other member of this research initiative is John Bourke.

Members of the project compete in the Irish National Short Circuit Championship with onboard video and accelerometer data retreival and wearing a heart-rate monitor. Data is relayed so that people can vicariously experience adrenaline through a tightly-coupled visual, audio and haptic presentation. One proposed audio stimulus would be an overlay of the rider's heartbeat on the footage. The objective is an experience using subtle physical stimuli such that the adrenaline and excitement transfers from the rider to the observer.

The following technologies are investigated and incorporated in the project:

The visual stimulus provides the primary activation of the experience and hence the context. The use of heartbeat cues and active haptic devices augment this experience with the aim of achieving a strong sense of immersion in high adrenaline sports. An important element in the design is to allow the observer have a degree of control over the experience where key to the sense of immersion is the tangible sense of associated action and perception.


Analysis of the retrieved data also allows close monitoring of both motorcycle and rider performance in real-time.

For more information, see the publications listing.