: Nexus (co-director)

is a new HEA-funded collaborative project between Media Lab Europe and co-director Gregory O'Hare of the Department of Computer Science at University College Dublin.

This project aims for a convergence between what was previously viewed as discrete information spaces, the real world and virtual reality.

While the Agent Chameleons project strives to develop an autonomous mobile agent which is unrestricted across the physical and virtual domains, the Nexus objective is to blur a human participant's perception of the traditional boundaries between the Physical & the Virtual. We strive for a seamless transition as we move from one space to another.

For example, gestures of an avatar in a VR space have references corresponding to our physical reality. Similarly, the motion of the agent across numerous screens is based on realising a sense of mobility in physical space. The screen where we see the avatar represents a window through which the avatar can interact with us, not uniquely a window through which we can view the virtual space as is generally understood. The primary reference is the here and now, not something in some virtual space elsewhere.