: Prototyping

Exploring engineering solutions
  • Anthropos the robot
    (Media Lab Europe, Dublin, Ireland)
    Structural design, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering strategies in actuators and sensors.
  • Robocup prototype, "Gromit", and "MB" robots
    (Frauenhoffer Institute, Bonn, Germany)
    Investigations into robot design and control strategies.
  • Joe
    (Media Lab Europe)
    An engineering investigation of modular hardware and software
  • The Social Robot project
    (University College Dublin, Ireland)
    Creating a framework for social interaction between artificial entities that would facilitate their interaction with people.
  • Vicarious Adrenaline
    (Media Lab Europe)
    The transference of real adrenaline-based experiences to an observer through a complex inter-modal interaction system based on real biofeedback, force feedback and video data
  • TRUST Collaborative Project
    SmartLab, London, UK;
    gameLAB, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore;
    Department of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland;
    BBC Research & Development, UK
    An extended R&D project and prototype game plan developed by a team of artists and technologists, is to develop a motion & touch-triggered immersive haptic-empowered virtual reality game to assist children and young people in hospitals and rehabilitation. The close coupling of the collaborative virtual space and hapic feedback augments the userís immersive experience and helps develop the field of virtual collaborative gaming in medical situations.

The Active Chair
Strengthening immersive experiences through haptic feedback

: Social interactions & interfaces

Social situatedness of technology
  • Anthropomorphism & Embodiment
    (Media Lab Europe)
    Fundamental exploration of embodiment and the role of anthropomorphism in the design of artificial systems design
  • Agent Chameleons
    (Media Lab Europe & University College Dublin)
    Investigating the technologies for developing an autonomous digital personal assistant
  • E-motion Robots
    (Media Lab Europe)
    Investigating people's inherent ability to project notions of intelligence and emotional states onto machines in rationalising its behaviour
  • Nexus
    (Media Lab Europe & University College Dublin)
    Investigating the seamless integration of real and virtual information spaces by blurring the traditional boundaries between the two.
  • Uncanny Language
    (Media Lab Europe, University College Dublin & Universität Kassel in Germany)
    Exploring an aspect of human system interaction: how expectations and different degrees of sophistication of a spoken language affect the perceptions of people engaged in social interaction with machines.

Woodward W. Woodruff
one of the first members of the Anthropos Group at Media Lab Europe

: Arts & Technology

Fusion of arts and technology
  • Joe in the Performing Arts
    (Media Lab Europe & International collaborators)
    Testing a prototype in performance spaces as well as investigating projective intelligence and emotion within real social situations.
  • The Active Chair Project
    (University College Dublin, Ireland; Smartlab, UK; Media Lab Europe)
    Developing a modular infrasturcture for active performances between real and virtual worlds.

The much travelled social robot

: Industrial Robotics

Robotics in production systems