: Agent Chameleons (co-director)

Agent Chameleons is an HEA-funded collaborative project between Media Lab Europe and co-director Gregory O'Hare of the Department of Computer Science at University College Dublin. Other members of the group include
  • John Bradley (PhD candidate)
  • Alan Martin (PhD candidate)
  • Bianca Schön (PhD candidate)

The Agent Chameleons Project strives to develop digital artificial minds that can seamlessly travel between and within physical and digital information spaces. Three key attributes of migration, mutation and evolution underpin this concept, and can be invoked in response to environmental change, ensuring the survival and longevity of the agent.

The traditional concepts of agent environment and its constraints are expanded through the use of agent migration. Agents are capable of mobility between embodiments in virtual environments (e.g. virtual avatar), embodiments in physical environments (e.g. robot), and software environments (e.g. OS desktops, PDA's). Once instantiated in the world, the agent has knowledge of that world, and of its capabilities therein.