: Education

1998-2000 PhD in Computer Science (Enterprise Ireland Scholarship)
University College Dublin, Ireland
"The Social Robot"
The traditional notion of embodiment in robotics is extended to the social domain via social embodiment and hence social robotics. Social embodiment constitutes a next stage of robot development in the pursuit of an artificially intelligent robot. Such social concepts as identity, character, stereotypes and roles are developed in conjunction with the Social Robot Architecture to facilitate high-level explicit social interaction between an open collective of autonomous mobile robots.
1992-1994 Masters of Engineering Science (M.Eng.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering (Irish American Partnership Scholarship)
University College Dublin, Ireland
"An Injection Moulding Design System"
(Dispense d'une D.E.A., INSA de Lyon, France - based on above M.Eng.Sc.)
1988-1992 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Production Engineering (Honours)
College of Technology, Dublin, Ireland
Final year thesis: "Computer Integrated Manufacturing: An automated system to manufacture gearboxes in a computer integrated/ controlled environment" (Represented the College in the Unidare-sponsored Graduate Engineer of the Year competition).
1983-1988 Intermediate Certificate (1986)
Leaving Certificate (1988)
Gormanston College, Co. Meath, Ireland

: Experience

2006 - Date

Support Manager
Team Lead EP/CE CoE Technology EMEA Region
People & Process Integration - Active Global Support
SAP Labs France
805 Av. Dr. Maurice Donat, 06254 Mougins Cedex, France
SAP NetWeaver Technologies, Critical Customer Support, Service delivery, Escalations

2005 - 2006

Research Engineer
Affective Social Computing Laboratory, Eurecom, Sophia Antipolis, France
Exploring the role of Affective Computing in Human-Robot social interaction

2005 - 2006

Board Member & Member of Design Team
SafetyNet, SAFEspaces.Net | P O Box 750542-0542 | Forest Hills, NY 11375 A global cybercafe project that embraces the power of new technologies to help stop violence against women and children (currently in North America, North Africa and Europe)

2004 - 2005

Senior PostDoctoral Fellow
Department of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland
Development of explit social robot interaction frameworks for both robot-robot and human-robot social interaction.

2001 - 2004

Principal Investigator of Anthropos Group
Media Lab Europe, Ireland
Exploration of system-environment and specifically system-human interaction within the field of intelligent robotic systems; extending the current physical world interaction paradigm to the social interaction domain through a study of the role of anthropomorphism in robotics. The synthesis between the real and the artificial: The breaking of conventional barriers in the transition between the physical and virtual (digital) information spaces through robotics and virtual reality.

2003 - 2004

Co-Principal Investigator of Nexus Project
(Higher Education Authority funded collaboration with Gregory O'Hare, Computer Science Dept, University College Dublin)
Media Lab Europe, Ireland
Budget: 74,000euro
A singularity between the real and the virtual. The aim of this project is to create Nexus, a framework that supports the fusion of the Physical and the Virtual, creating a single world in which people can interact with artificial entities or agents in their own space. This Nexus becomes a place in which virtual and physical information spaces become entwined, resulting in the entities that inhabit this space being able to interact in a seamless fashion.

2002 - 2004

Co-Principal Investigator of Agent Chameleons Project
(Higher Education Authority funded collaboration with Gregory O'Hare, Computer Science Dept, University College Dublin)
Media Lab Europe, Ireland
Budget: 234,000euro
This research seeks to investigate the integration of these information spaces by blurring the traditional boundaries between the Physical & the Virtual. The Agent Chameleon is modelled on the idea of realising an invisible friend. This will adopt a strong notion of personality and character in addressing the inherent embodiment issues of agent mutation.

2002 - 2006

Liaison Officer
UK&ROI Chapter of IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics

2000 - 2005

Griffith College Dublin, Ireland
(Masters of Computer Science, B.Sc. Degree, Graduate Diploma & Cert in Software Engineering): Robotics & AI, Knowledge Based Systems, Multimedia and the Internet Development

1998 - 2005

Department of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland
(Masters of Cognitive Science): Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Embodied Cognition


Department of Computer Science, University of Shanghai Science & Technology, Shanghai, China
(B.Sc. Degree): Knowledge Based Systems, Management Support Systems


Expert Evaluator
European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Framework 6 Research Initiative


Temporary Lecturer
Media Lab, MIT, Boston (hosted at Media Lab Europe, Ireland)
Lectures for The Social Life of Groups for Master of Science Degree in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

1998 - 2001

Project manager
Department of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland
DEveloping Social Intentional Robot Entities (DESIRE) Research Project

1996 - 1998

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute (formerly GMD - German National Research Centre for Information Technology), Sankt Augustin, Germany
Researcher in autonomous mobile robotics in the Autonomous Intelligence Systems Division with Prof. Thomas Christaller.

1994 - 1996

Institut National des Sciences Appliqués de Lyon, France
Artificial Intelligence researcher in robotics in the PRISMa research group with Prof. Joel Favrel
Computer Technician & Tutor
Centre de Resources, INSA de Lyon, France
English via through multimedia and audio-visuals.
Lecturer & project supervisor
SCAN, INSA de Lyon, France
through English and French of engineering students.

1994 - 1996

College of Technology, Bolton Street, Dublin, Ireland
(Engineering Diploma): Engineering Drawing
University College Dublin, Ireland
(Engineering Degree): Computer Aided Design
National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland
Material Science; Polymers
The Institute of Technology, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland
Computer Aided Design

: Languages

English, French, German, Irish